I must give credit to my son Wendell who helped me get this web site started. He too was stationed at England AFB before and after I retired.

To Glenn Chase and a close friend F. L. Duff for supplying me with some of the documents you see here. I have never met Glenn, but he has been instrumental in sending me documents and providing suggestions. Duff and I were stationed together at Ladd AFB, Alaska; England AFB, LA; Bolling AFB, DC; and Scott AFB, Il

To Anthony J. Gagliano Sr for providing me the information I was looking for about the 401st TFW reunion and the special help he has provided in spreading the word about the England AFB Family.
To Jeff Meier for furnishing us with a host of photo's taken in the 1982-84 time frame.
To Glenn Miller for furnishing us with photos taken 1982-86 time frame.

To Ernie Green for the Tigertalk, T-Shirt, and many patches, etc. Ernie was stationed at England AFB from 1983 to 1986. He was in the USAF Hospital
England AFB
Gone but not forgotten
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