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My dad, M/Sgt Will E. Driskill, retired from the Air Force on August 31, 1959 at England Air Force Base, after 22 years of service.  His service included the Pacific Theater in WWII, the Berlin Airlift, and Korean War.  He passed away in March 2007, at the age of 90.

This picture shows him receiving his retirement certificate (which is still on the wall, along with pictures, his service ribbons and the flag from his burial).  I do not know the names of the other gentlemen in the picture, but perhaps someone will recognize them.

I lived on the base as a small child.  Several years ago, not long after the base had closed, I was allowed to drive around (just me... the place was otherwise deserted).  I was amazed to drive right up to the house that we had lived in, one of the duplex units that were built in the late '50's.  I then drove over to the hangars where my dad had worked.  That was quite a memorable afternoon.  My dad always spoke well of his time at EAFB, the men he worked with, and liked the fact that it was close to 'home' (Crockett TX).  I brought him over to visit a couple of years later, and he enjoyed the day very much.

Thanks very much for including this part of my dad's life in your website.  Although I was only a little kid when we lived on the base, I have enjoyed the pictures and memories very much.

Ed Driskill

Note from the Webmaster: I believe the officer to the left making the presentation is Colonel Brown, the Air Base Group Commander at the time. I was stationed there and worked in the group under Colonel Brown.