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This is heavily influenced by what functions you want. Do you want to give your internal users access to the Internet? Will you just be serving static web pages and a few files via anonymous FTP, or will you be enabling dynamic pages with cgi-bin or Net.Data programs? Are you planning to put in a dedicated iSeries 400, outside your internal iSeries 400 infrastructure? Generally speaking, you need to decide if you want a direct connection to iSeries 400, or an indirect connection via a router. In addition, you need to determine how to adequately protect iSeries 400 and any other machines that could be directly or indirectly accessed.

You will need a legitimate IP address and meaningful network name to be associated with it (ie is associated with 212.34.98.X). Generally, your ISP will do this for you, for a fee. Or, you may get your own IP address from your country's Internet Administration organization (contact in the U.S.).

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