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DCMI - System i/ iSERIES/ AS400 Q & A Answers

**You must have proper authority to run these commands - eg. QSECOFR** Hardware Rack Configuration:
5.  On iSeries command line type:  STRSST
6. Select menu option #1 (Start system service tools)
7. Select menu option #7 (Hardware/system resources)
8. Press function key F6 to print.
9. F3 or F12 to exit SST until you get a command line.
10. Find the Spool file with the WRKSPLF command. Send to printer if it hasn't already printed.

Software Resources Listing:
1.  Change the output parameter to *PRINT and press enter.
2. On the iSeries command line, type DSPSFWRSC and press F4
3. This will create a spool file of IBM LPP's.
4. Find the spool file with the WRKSPLF command and send to the printer.

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